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Associate member: María Del Pilar Mosqueda

Licensed Psychologist by Universidad del Valle de México, with specialties in Humanistic Orientation, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Work with Therapeutic Groups, Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Work with Symptoms (“psychosomatic”) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Awareness with a Gestalt Orientation, all by Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia Gestalt.

Diverse studies in areas like: teaching and learning, therapeutic dance, music in psychotherapy, somatic awareness and psycho corporal work, dream work, thanatology, palliative care and chronic pain, psychiatry and neuropsychiatry, and eating disorders.

In the scope of Analytic and Archetypal Psychology, 10 years of studies in universal mythology and the works of J. Campbell by Instituto Mexicano de Estudios Mitológicos; several grades about the perspectives of C. G. Jung and J. Hillman by Instituto de Psicología Profunda en México. Academic certification in “Fundamentals of Jungian
Oriented Psychotherapy” by Psimática Aula Virtual and The International Society for the Development of Jungian Psychoanalysis. Several years of self-taught studies of the Works of C. G. Jung and M-L. von Franz.

Have worked as clinical psychologist on several public and private institutions. She also works as psychotherapist in the external staff for Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and coach in the support network in Hispanic America for Psiconutrición México – Nourishing Psychology. Private intervention in Health Psychology (appraisal of medical patients, psychosomatic patient intervention, with stress and chronic pain, thanatological support).

20 years of teaching experience at bachelor’s and postgraduate level imparting different courses in the areas of Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, and Research Methodology, among others. Taught the semester-long course “Dialogues with the Bible” at the Instituto Mexicano de Estudios Mitológicos. Have been synodal on the retort for the professional examination for the attainment of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Workshop facilitator, speaker and instructor in themes concerning developmental psychopathology, guidance for parents, psychological and neuropsychological tests, gestalt psychotherapy, therapeutic dance-movement, the body in psychotherapy, mythology and analytical psychology. Since 1998, practicing in Mexico individual psychotherapy for adults with a humanistic approach inspired and oriented by the Analytic Psychology of C. G. Jung.

Contact: pily.mosqueda@gmail.com