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In this section you will find various links to associations, publishers, journals, etc., that related to either C. G. Jung’s work, or to psychoanalysis.


This area is intended to facilitate the access to interesting links.
The SIDPaJ isn’t responsible for the author’s content or assumes these as constituting the paradigm of the society: Jungian Psychoanalysis.
The materials refer to clinical, anthropological, philosophical, ethnic, artistic… aspects. Some are in Spanish, but there are also other languages with or without subtitles in Spanish.

Jung and Jungians

An interview recorded in 1957 with Carl Gustav Jung, in which he speaks about some of his greatest ideas that certainly changed the world of psychology (In English with Spanish subtitles)

Matter of heart – Documentary about Carl Gustav Jung (In English)

Carl Gustav Jung talking about death (In English with Spanish subtitles)

TV Program from 1995 called “Hologram” directed by Marisa Escasany. This is a biographical series about the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung with interviews with him and his patients (In English with Spanish subtitles)

The World Within – C.G. Jung in His Own Words (In English)

The Inner World Documentary about Carl Gustav Jung (In English with Spanish subtitles)

The Wisdom of the Dream, 3 part documentary about the life of dreams of Carl Jung (In English)

Carl Gustav Jung, “Lord of the Underworld”. Television programme with participants: Mª Teresa Román López, Professor of Philosophy at the UNED and writer Jesus Callejo, (In Spanish)

Carl Gustav Jung: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (In Spanish)

Way of the dream is a series de 17 videos with interviews with M.L. von Franz, a direct disciple of Jung (In English)

James Hillman lectures and interviews (In English)

Theatrical performance The Jung & White letters (In English)

The relationship between the ego and the the Self archetype.
Lecture by Javier Castillo Colomer in the Eleusinian X Meeting in El Escorial, Spain: “The ego. Construction of identity “January 17, 2015 (In Spanish)


Sigmund Freud documentary – analysis of a mind (In Spanish)

Sigmund Freud documentary – analysis of a mind (In English)

A conversation with Eric Kandel (In English)

Donald Winnicott BBC radio 4 (In English)

Heinz Kohut – Reflections on Empathy (In English)

Wilhelm Reich
Wilhelm Reich – alone. Wilhelm Reich recorded these comments in his home at the Lower Cabin (now called Tamarack) at Orgonon on April 3, 1952. In this recording, he expresses the reality of his existence and his total aloneness in his work (In English)

Who is Afraid of Wilhelm Reich – German documentary with English subtitles

Wilhelm Reich: Character analysis, Video with robot voice reading (In Spanish)

Wilhelm Reich: Listen, little man! Video with robot voice reading (In Spanish)

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy Documentary (In Spanish)

Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project – Factual story of the psychiatrist, research physician & scientist (In English)

Ken Wilber
The three eyes of knowledge (In Spanish)

Love until it hurts debate
Ken talks about the nature of female spiritual practice, and indicates some important respects in which it differs from the male (In English with Spanish subtitles)

Power of Myth – Joseph Campbell interviews about myths

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Presentación "Psicología profunda. Historia, escuelas y conceptos básicos"

Evidence for the Effectiveness of Jungian Psychotherapy: A Review of Empirical Studies

Author: Christian Roesler

Language: english


Since the 1990s, There have been several projects carrying out research and empirical studies on Jungian psychotherapy, mainly in Germany and Switzerland. The studies of prospective results ...

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