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Associate member: Amparo González Olsen

I have a degree in medicine (2000, Universidad Complutense Madrid), a specialist in clinical neurophysiology (2004) and dance therapist movement since 2007, I am part of the first promotion of the Master in DMT of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Regular member of the ADMTE since 2009. Trained in Authentic Movement at the CeMAAR (Authentic Movement Center, Argentina) during the years 2007-2015 and currently in training as a Jungian analyst at SEPA (Barcelona).

I have a ten-year experience in private practice as a psychotherapist in DMT, in a group and individual context, eight of them in the city of Rosario, Argentina, (Coordinator of the DMT workshop “The body, a place where we live” oriented to self-knowledge and personal development (Almeria, September 2007), Coordinator of the therapeutic group of DMT in Paraná at the headquarters of the Litoraleño Group of Biodanza (Entre Rios, Argentina, 2009), Coordinator of therapeutic group of DMT on a weekly basis at the Center “Cienvolando” ( Rosario, Argentina, 2009), Working group with dreams and Authentic Movement (Casa Fracassi, Rosario 2015), intensive seminars of Authentic Movement in Spain (Gestalt therapy center – Almeria 2010, Nun Art – Barcelona, ​​2016,), group of monthly MA practice in Córdoba (2018).

I have worked in private practice as a DMT psychotherapist with a Jungian orientation (Rosario, Argentina, 2009-2016). Work supervised by Jungian psychoanalysts (Karin Flescher-SAPA, IAAP, Dance Therapist Registered (ADTA) and Silvia Horvath- SEPA, IAAP).
I have also worked as a psychotherapist in DMT in mental health institutions with diverse populations (Association of Autism Patients of Granada (Granada, 2004), Association of Alzheimer’s Patients of Cartagena (Murcia, 2005), Therapeutic Community and Day center for people with schizophrenia of the Hospital Complex of Torrecárdenas (Almería, 2006-07), Neurodem Neurological Care Center for people with Alzheimer’s dementia (Almería, 2006-07)

I currently work in my private practice in MADRID, developing the practice of “active imagination in motion” or “authentic movement” and Jungian analytical psychology. I am interested in the development of experience and body awareness as a source of the images, emotions, sensations and thoughts that guide us in the process of individuation. I am also interested in the symbolic approach of the body and movement.

email: glezolsen@hotmail.com