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Title member: Conchita Madueño Carrillo

Bachelor of Psychology (Clinical specialty) from the UNED. Psychologist of Jungian orientation (IVaPPa and SIDPaJ).

Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy). Master’s Degree in Brief Psychotherapy (San Jorge University). Title of Rorschach Exner System. EuroPsy Certificate (Specialist in Psychotherapy) accredited by European, Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA). Member of the FAPyMPE nº 114 (Federation of Physicians and Psychologists of Madrid).

Health consultation nº 11165, located at C / Luchana 4-2b. Madrid. Work with adults and couples.

She speaks Spanish and French.

web www.conchitamadueno.com
Email: maduenoconchita@hotmail.com