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Associate member: Alejandro López Ruiz

Technical Engineer and Diploma in Computer Science from the Technical School of Computer Engineering of the University of Granada in Spain.

Titled as Expert in Health Services Management by the University of Granada with different training accredited by the same university and Andalusian School of Public Health, on different topics such as Public Health, Health Services Management and Information and Communication Technologies.

Born and living in Granada, currently working in the private sector as co-director and co-owner of a national company dedicated to the distribution of computer products and technology services.

In the process of didactic analysis, since mid-2017, with Dr. Javier Castillo Colomer.

Performing different training in psychology especially Jungian.

Associate member of the SIDPaJ since mid-2018.

Professional, until 2014 by his own decision, linked to the Andalusian School of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, since 1996, mainly doing consulting activities in Information Systems and Software Development, coordinating an IT team oriented towards analysis, design, implementation and support (all the software development cycle) of information systems in the social health field, mainly in the Andalusian regional scope, although also participating in national and international projects.

Professor and researcher of the same institution, previously occupying the position of deputy director of information and communication systems, and since August 2011, appointed as Coordinator of Knowledge Area of ​​Technologies for Health and ICTs.