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X Encuentro Eleusino

Publicado el Tuesday, 9 de December de 2014 por:

X Encuentro Eleusino en El Escorial:
El Yo Construcción de la Identidad
Programa del X encuentro Eleusino en el Escorial

2016-2017 Program Training

The next 2016-2017 Program Training is now available. They have been amended several pages to make navigation easier and more intuitive. Access training program and go moving through the links to explore content, dates, aid through tutorials, ...

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Psychoanalysis and Religion. Seminar

Lecturer: David Henderson, PhD.    resume    curriculo   Duration of the seminar: 4 hours distributed in 2 parts Price: 65 € Date: 06/25/2016        Sábado 25 junio 2016  10 a 14 h Hotel MEDIUM de VALENCIA (General Urrutia nº 48).   It will be taught in English  ...

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Conference where participates Javier Castillo

"The concept of the unconscious, Freud, Jung and Lacan". Alfonso Gómez Prieto, Javier Castillo Colomer y Jorge Gómez Alcalá Fecha 17/6/2016 CATÉDRA DE PSICOANÁLISIS "SIGMUND FREUD" CICLO CONFERENCIAS 2015/2016 Más información: http://www.psicocatedra.es/

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Psychoanalysis, culture and society

A Postgraduate Conference in London Saturday, 20 June, 2015 We invite postgraduate students and research fellows to submit proposals for papers on psychoanalysis or psychoanalytically informed research. Papers may be from any academic discipline, including psychology,...

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