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Lecturer: David Henderson, PhD.    resume    curriculo  

Duration of the seminar: 4 hours distributed in 2 parts
Price: 65 €
Date: 06/25/2016        Sábado 25 junio 2016  10 a 14 h

Hotel MEDIUM de VALENCIA (General Urrutia nº 48). 

 It will be taught in English    Limited places

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Part 1: Psychoanalysis of religion

This seminar will consider Freud’s and Jung’s views on religion. In which features of religion were they particularly interested? How do their theories about religion reflect larger tendencies in their work? How do their approaches to religion help us to understand their collaboration and their conflict? We will also think about religion in light of the theories of Winnicott, Klein, Fordham and Stein.

Part 2: Psychoanalysis as religion

In this part of the day we will ask whether or not psychoanalysis is itself a kind of religion. Did psychoanalysis fulfil a religious function in the lives of Freud and Jung? We will reflect on ways in which psychoanalysis may be considered a form of apophatic discourse or contemplative practice. This will open questions about psychoanalytic training and the future of psychoanalysis.

A list of pre-course readings will be supplied.