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Title member: Fermina Pulido Corrales

Bachelor of Sanitary Psychology. Psychologist nº col. AN-06223. NICA: 40088
Jungian psychoanalyst accredited by the SIDPaj.
Master in Clinical Practice of Mental Health by the AEPCCC and COPAO. (Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Clinical Psychology and Official College of Psychology of Western Andalusia). Adults and Children and Youth.
Master in Emotional Intelligence. University of Valencia.
Expert in psychoanalytic theory and technique in elaboration of duels. Adults and Children and Youth. (COPAO).
University specialist in clinical hypnosis. (UNED).
University education in Symbology. (University of Barcelona).
EMDR Therapist (EMDR Europe Association).
Coordinator of the Psychology-Psychoanalysis Group at the Official School of Psychology of Seville.
Teacher trainer in the Jungian tool “Caja de Arena”.
Work in private consultation PSICOALJARAFE. (Seville)
Website: www.psicoaljarafe.com