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Title member: Fermina Pulido Corrales

Bachelor of Sanitary Psychology from the UNED with Clinical itinerary. Collegiate number AN-06223 and N.I.C.A. 40088.  Master in Clinical Practice APCEEE ( Spanish  Association of Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behaviour). Master in Emotional Intelligence (University of Valencia).

Training in Jungian Psychoanalysis in the SIDPaJ (International Association for the Development of Jungian Psychoanalysis. Jungian analysis under Dr. Javier Castillo Colomer. Jungian supervisión accomplished by Mikel García.

Expert in Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique, as so in the Elaboration of Bereavements (COPAO). Specialist in clinical hypnosis (U.N.E.D.). Training in Symbology by the University of Barcelona.

Coordinator of the group of Psychology-Psychoanalysis of the  Psychology Official College of Western Andalusia in Sevilla. Member de A.A.P.P. (Andalusian Association of Psycoanalytic Psychoterapy).

Currently Fermina works as psychologist in  Sanitary Psychology Consultation (Psicoaljarafe) in Sevilla. She is a specialist in children, youths, and adults. Expert in the Sandplay technique.

 Website: www.psicoaljarafe.com