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Basic Training: Description

Each module consists of

  • A live connection of 4 hours will be recorded and posted on the training platform.
    A personal tutoring from 30 to 60 minutes with each student based on the student’s needs or failing an extension of the course of an hour that teachers posted on the platform.
    Individual work corrected.
    Participation in a forum.
    Teachers posted on the bibliography training platform, links and other materials at least one week before the start of the module.

Training Information
Basic and Complementary Training

  • 1) The SIDPaJ training will be modular, so students may choose the modules in which they enroll. Each module will be independently certified. They are taught in Spanish, but some may be taught in other languages.
    2) If you want to have access to qualifications presented by the SIDPaJ you will have to perform the basic training program. You may request a full or partial validation according to previous studies.
  • 3) Each module credited a number of hours (equivalent to credit) and this part will face.
  • 4) Along with the contact hours, it will participate in a forum and personal works were made. In some cases the modules will be tutored personally.
    5) Those interested to enroll in a course shall check whether their teacher profile indicates that some previous training is required, or send resume or a personal interview. .
    6) Those interested to enroll in several courses or all training should send their curriculum to the Secretary for approval by the commission of teachers and customize your situation. All candidates will have a personal interview with the president.
    7) If you will finally admitted to enroll by following the instructions as directed.
    8) Candidates are offered a free course called Preparation Course directed to: become familiar with the training methodology, test the operation of your equipment, make audio and video settings for tracking online classes …

We invite you to access our preparation course by clicking. The presentation is in spanish but is the same that yo have read here.   

Courses fee


€ 12.00 for every hour of study, with a 25% discount for Title and Associate members, as well as maintaining the agreement for the 3 students who have a 50% discount.

If you would like to take a course it is possible to preregister and reserve a place on it. When the course dates have been confirmed you will be advised to proceed with registration and payment. 

Basic Training

Further Training

Recognition Training