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Event Highlights: I Jungian Conference: Healing our lost connection with nature. Self and reconciliation.


Organized by: International Society for the Development of Jungian Psychoanalysis – SIDPaJ – http://sidpaj.es in collaboration with Amabizia-MadreViva

Program and more complete information of the I Jungian Conference: Click here (Spanish)

NEW! Final Program: Click Here (Spanish)

NEW PLACE! Descalzos Street, 56. Iruña-Pamplona. Navarra.  Pulsa aquí

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Topic: The I Jungian Conference, will be about the Self (in German Selbst): Unity and totality of the global personality, integrated by conscious and unconscious contents. It manifests empirically in abstract images of conjunction (mandalas, cross) and growth (tree) or personalized as figures of wisdom (Sophia, Old Wise). As complexio oppositorum, it coincides with the idea of ​​the imago Dei imprinted on the individual soul. The process of individuation, as psychic self-realization, consists in the consciousness of the Self through the dialectic of the Self-Self axis.


  • Disseminate Jungian thinking contributing to public debates.
  • To favor that these debates are generated from different hermeneutics.
  • Develop social awareness by providing analysis tools.
  • Promote convergent and integrative work with social agents.
  • Facilitate cultural integration, especially in the places where the activities will be carried out.
    Email of the I Jungian Meet: jornada.sidpaj@gmail.com

Where: NEW PLACE! Descalzos Street, 56. Iruña-Pamplona. Navarra.  Pulsa aquí

Date: 22-23 March 2019

Forms of participation: Participants with or without communications

Publication of communications: SIDPaJ

Program and more complete information of the I Jungian Conference: Click here (Spanish)

NEW. Final Program: Click here (Spanish)

Summary of the First Conference: Click here – (Spanish)

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Video of Jung talking about the Self: Click here

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Important dates:

  • Submission of abstracts (deadline): January 10, 2019
  • Summary format: Click here
  • Acceptance of communication: February 10, 2019
  • Registration: Until March 22, 2019
  • Fees: € 60 before January 10, 2019, then € 70. Discounts for the unemployed, retirees and students
  • Preliminary program: October 2018
  • Complete program with communicators: March 2019. Already published here.
  • Complete communications for publication: April 23, 2019.
  • Presentation rules: Click here
  • APA Standards Template: Click here
  • Planned publication: October 2019 (new requirements, please ask)

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Any questions or queries can direct it to jornada.sidpaj@gmail.com