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Associate member: Javier Piné Martin

Graduated in Psychology at the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM). Master’s Degree in General Sanitary Psychology at the International University of Valencia (ViU).
Currently attending the Master in Specialist in Adult Behavior Therapy in Grupo Luria.

Psychoanalytic psychologist along with cognitive-behavioral. Training at a theoretical and practical level in: Analytical Psychology at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires (UCA),
Psychotherapy with adolescents Psychic Association of Madrid (APM), Technical tools for psychotherapy in children and adolescents (Sidpaj),
Course Psychotherapy of Jungian orientation (Editorial Psymatic and University of Coruña), Cognitive-behavioral Therapy at Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)
And adult behavior therapy in Grupo Luria.

Clinical experience since 2015, beginning the professional career in the School La Inmaculada de Algeciras (Cádiz). Later in the Association of Autism of Cadiz, where you get
The title of Espcialista in diagnosis and intervention in TEA. Giving the jump to the world of sport, it is in the Algeciras CF where you can eat at a group level and individual. Currently, and in Madrid,
It is in the Luria Group and NB Psychology that the role of therapist in Practices is being carried out.

During the university period, research was carried out in the physiology department of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), participating in the project
“Experimental-nutritional trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a formulation as antioxidant”. In addition, he participated in two national psychology congresses that the university
And published on both occasions posters of clinical interest: “Analysis on social and labor integration in people with
Functional diversity “and” Psychology and seduction “.

He speaks Spanish, English and French.

Email: jpinemartin@gmail.com