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Associate member: Helena Provencio Díaz

Psychotherapist: Adults, children, adolescents and families.

* Graduate in Clinical and Law Psychology. VIU, International University of Valencia.
* Jungian orientation Psychotherapist. Professional Candidate of Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology (S.E.P.A.).

* Authorized by FEAP (Spanish Federation of Psychotherapists) and SEPA (Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology) to practice psychotherapy.

* Graduate in Political Science and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid.

* Master in European Communities, ICADE Madrid.

* Gives Member of COP Madrid.

In 2007, she chose to train as a Jungian analyst in the Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology (SEPA), authorized to provide training for Jungian analysts. This society is recognized by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists (FEAP).

She is specialist in children, adolescents and youth. She also works with sandplay therapy.
She has worked as a psychotherapist since 2010. First, in an
Infantile Mental Health Institution and currently, she works on private practice in 3V Tercera vía.
She also collaborates in San Camilo Listening Center, for intervention and counseling in grief and trauma situations, as well as she is member of the Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit of that organization.

He also works as a teacher and speaker at different organizations, universities and companies being its specialization areas: dissemination of Jungian analytical psychology, practical psychology for parents and families, conflict management, interpersonal relationships improvement, social skills, emotional intelligence and professional skills development.

Their Jungian analysts supervisors are: Dr. Rebecca Retamales Rojas (Trained at the CG Jung Institute of Zurich and SEPA member), Olivia del Castillo (Trained at the CG Jung Institute in London and SEPA member) and Dr. Christian Tauber (Trained at the CG Jung Institute of Zurich, who was analysed by Marie Louis von Franz).

She speaks Spanish and English.

Lives and works in Madrid.

Website: www.3vterceravia.es