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Associate member: Carolina Rodríguez González

Two degrees: Mathematics and Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
Master of Family Therapy. Psychodramatist. Group therapist with existential approach. Speech therapist.
Teacher for 40 years at the College of Sciences and Humanities at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
It has extensive background and experience in working with adolescents and parents through more than 30 years coordinating various programs to support student learning. Support networking with parents. Self-promoters (students). Pioneering programs “First the teacher adviser”, “care program subjects with high failure rate,” “The tutorial at the College of Sciences and Humanities”
Director, Coordinator and Lecturer of talks in the area of ​​educational psychology attention to the needs of students and teacher training.
Co-author of the books: Family Therapy. Its use today; The unveiling of consciousness and the construction of well-being in adolescents; Diploma family and school counseling. ¿Objective or built Reality ?; Navigating the @ dolescencia.unam.mx and style of tutorial support and counseling with students from CCH that facilitates learning to learn, learning to do and learning to be.
Teacher, supervisor and Sinodal of the Master in Family Therapy Latin American Institute for Family Studies (LEFI)
Teacher, supervisor and synodical of the Master in Psychology Residency in Family Therapy at the School of Higher Studies, Iztacala, Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
It has a long history as a family therapist and Individual 38 years (since 1974).
Biofeedback Specialist and Wellness Integral system of medicine with quantum EDUCTOR
She works as a teacher in teaching Workshops for Parents with psychodrama techniques in Kozolchyk Salomon Youth Foundation, A. C.
Since 2014 he is attending the International Training in Analytical Psychology Dr. Carl Gustav Jung dictated by the psychiatrist-psychotherapist Dr. Eugenio doctor Mario Saiz Laureiro of the Uruguayan Society of Analytical Psychology (SUPA) in the City of Lima, Peru.
Analysis from 2015 with Dr. Mario E. Saiz Laureiro.