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From this space we want to offer the opportunity to publicise our work, both clinical and training, in Jungian Psychoanalysis. We hope this website will become a place for information, debate and critique in all matters relating to the area of analytical psychology. On this website you will find a structured training program as well as the ability to connect with Jungian psychoanalysts of different nationalities, along with articles, videos and general information related to our area of research and work.

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» 2016-2017 Program Training

The next 2016-2017 Program Training is now available. They have been amended several pages to make navigation Read more...

» Psychoanalysis and Religion. Seminar

Lecturer: David Henderson, PhD.    resume    curriculo   Duration of the seminar: 4 hours distributed Read more...

» Conference where participates Javier Castillo

"The concept of the unconscious, Freud, Jung and Lacan". Alfonso Gómez Prieto, Javier Castillo Colomer y Jorge Gómez Alcalá Fecha 17/6/2016 CATÉDRA DE PSICOANÁLISIS "SIGMUND FREUD" Read more...

» La relación entre el yo y el arquetipo del Sí Mismo

Video Conferencia impartida por Javier Castillo Colomer en el X Encuentro Eleusino en El Escorial: “El Yo. Construcción de la identidad” (17 enero 2015). Read more...

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Jung and Jungians An interview recorded in 1957 with Carl Gustav Jung, in which he speaks about some of his greatest ideas that certainly Read more...